Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Geoffrey - UK

What wonderful service, thank you.

Parcel of yarn received today 12/04 just five days after you mailed.

We have known postcards take six weeks or more to get to the U.K. so the U.S. Mail and U.K. Mail must be improving.

Thank you again and regards,


Monday, December 3, 2007

Leslie - California

I ordered some dream in color yarn from your shop late on Thursday and was shocked to find it in my mailbox today (Saturday). Not only do you have fantastic prices, but your customer service is amazing. Thank you. I can’t wait to knit my sweater so I can order more!

Kind regards,

(A very satisfied customer in California)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Susan - California


I'm a huge fan of your site - I've recommended it to many of my knitting friends, and is my go-to online store for yarn and needles. I was wondering if you were ever going to add Rowan Handknit DK Cotton t o your catalog. I mostly knit for babies, so a lot of my patterns call for this wonderful yarn, and it's the one yarn I have to buy from another site.

Thanks for a wonderful store -- I'll keep my fingers crossed!!

- Susan from California

[ed - sending us a request by e-mail is the easiest way to get us to list a new yarn, we add new yarns all the time (why sleep?). Also if we carry the brand we order frequently enough that we can special order almost anything, no problem! ]

Friday, November 16, 2007

Deborah - Australia

Dear Cyndi,

I received the Vivien Hoxbro knitting kits yesterday and I am absolutely thrilled. The design and yarn and above all the colour combination are just amazing.

But also, your service, cheeful emails and efficiency are a wonder to behold. I shall be posting your details around Australia to all us mad keen knitters.

Thanks again Cyndi. You are a star.

Best regards,


PS: if you don't hear from me for a while it is because I am frantically knitting.

[ed - it is you our customers who are our stars!]

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Annelise - NH, USA

Just thought this was so neat: my cousin's daughter is an avid knitter - and an enthusiatic customer of yours. Not so very amazing - until you hear that she lives in Switzerland.

I was just Skypeing my cousin in Denmark and the conversation came around to knitting when she mentioned this wonderful company her daughter buys from in New Hampshire. In a few minutes we had figured out that it was you she was speaking of.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lillian - Canada


What a great service from you!! I love it, it's fast , and efficient!
Free shipping to Canada is just perfect! :)


Monday, September 10, 2007

Annemarie - UK

Hi There

I cannot thank you enough for my recent order for Louisa Harding Kimono Angora yarn. I had been trying to obtain shade 11 in the UK to no avail and then I discovered your web site. The service was excellent, I ordered it on the Tuesday and it arrived on Saturday the same week. There was also the bonus of free shipping.

You really made my day!!


Saturday, August 4, 2007

Karen - USA

Earlier this week I ordered the Magic Loop booklet from you. I found you via Google when I was searching for one, and I quickly ordered it. I ordered it from you because the shipping was cheap (free!!!) and I could pay with Paypal. I received a nice email from you when you sent my booklet, and it got here in record time. Now that I am on your website and I see how many wonderful products you have, I am so impressed. I will be bookmarking your site as one of my favorite online shops. Thank you so much.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Sue - Florida

Please substitute any items that may not be in stock! Your company is fantastic and I don't care what you send me!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Roxy - UK

Whilst hunting for a replacement DPN that DH broke on hol I stumbled across a great find - a site in the US offering free international shipping for orders over $35 that don't contain heavy items like mags and books.

I was hunting for a supplier that had all the Crystal Bamboo DPNs I needed that didn't charge extortionate shipping costs. So to find one that had a free shipping offer was truly amazing. I placed my order and got an email a few hours later to say the items in stock had been shipped the the OOS items would be shipped as soon as they arrive.

I knew not all the items were available but had expected the order to be held until ready. So to hear part of my order was on its way was just well, the most amazing and unexpected customer service. The fab store concerned is The Yarn and Fiber Company and they have lots of lovely goodies to tempt us with. The needles arrived the same day as the STR kit turned up. Oh it was such a good day that day ;)

[we now have free shipping on most orders over $10 internationally - ed]

Liz - Cambridge UK

I placed an order with you last Thursday, 28 June, for a replacement for a Penny Straker sweater pattern. I received it this morning at my address in Cambridge, England (Monday, 2 July). I cannot believe how terrific your service has been, nor the exceptional value for money.

The only problem I have with your service is that it was too fast! I was counting on a week's float to finish the sweater I started for myself while I waited for the replacement pattern to I have to deal with the guilt of not switching immediately back to the Penny Straker pattern!

I will certainly use your service again.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Melissah - Western Australia

I just received my order that I placed a few weeks ago and I wanted to say a BIG thank you! As an overseas customer, it is really pleasing to have such supurb service and extremely reasonable shipping costs. Being in Australia, sometimes the shipping cost makes it prohibitive (or just not worthwhile) to purchase yarn from overseas. Your customer service is exceptional and I will be using you again in the near future.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

KM - New Hampshire

We did venture to Windham to The Yarn and Fiber Company, and I must say that I was impressed! As soon as I came in the door I was greeted by a smiling teenager. As I walked to the knitting needles, a woman said to me, "just let me know how I can help you." I was impressed with the customer service, even though I was only in there long enough to buy my needles and go. Can't wait to be able to go there with more time to spend.

SM - New Hampshire

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take a yarn dying class at Yarn and Fiber in Windham, NH...with Cheryl Potter of Cherry Tree Hill Yarns!!! Whoo was a fun, educational, and eye-opening 3 hr. class. :) And...I came home with a skein of my own creation in Supersock 100% merino fingering weight. Wow! I learned a lot on how dyers create their colorways, and then we did an exercise on how to take an experience, place, event, feeling, attitude, etc...and translate it into a colorway! Cheryl is a great instructor, and I was very pleased with the free-feeling of creating my own colors and bringing the skein home.

Giselle - USA

Hi! One of my most recent online yarn store finds is the Yarn and Fiber Company. They have free standard shipping on all orders placed on their website. I've placed two orders with them through their website, one was a magazine+pattern and the one I just got was three patterns. Really fast shipping and great customer service.

One caveat on the checkout process: I thought that my order was placed when I got an order number (step 3/4) but it isn't really placed until you confirm the confirmation number (step 4/4). So make sure to complete all four steps! The owner was super nice and I was more than slightly aghast when I figured out my silly error.

[We have fixed this issue as it confused several customers - sorry about that- ed]

A.S. - USA

I have to do a shout-out, here, too. The Yarn and Fiber Company rocks. I ordered two skeins of Shibu by Ella Rae for much cheaper than I'd found it anywhere else online (short of ordering it by the bag) and the shipping was free. I ordered on Saturday and it was in my mailbox on Thursday.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Katie - New York

I found this great online yarn store, Yarn and Fiber. They had all the Debbie Bliss yarn I could want for 75 cents cheaper a skein than [local yarn shop] and they gave me free delivery. I don’t know if this was some sort of one time ploy to get me hooked or an all the time thing, but I’ll let you know when I find out. I figured that ordering online would give me and knitting some time to cool off.

This was not true.

This place has the fastest response time and delivery of any type of store I’ve ever encountered on the web. I ordered at 10:50. At 10:52 I received an email telling me that they had received the order. At 11:04, I received an email telling me that my order had been put together and shipped!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Amy - Massachusetts

Thank you for the beautiful yarn! (again) :)

Norma - Indiana


Jules - California

I am very glad to find your store!! Thanks for free shipping, I'll shop with you from now on.

Sincerely, Jules.

Angela - South Carolina

So glad I found you!! Thank You!

Susan - California

You guys are my favorite online yarn store. please stock more ROWAN yarns, particularly HANDKNIT COTTON :)

Betsy - Massachusetts

Hi Cindi-

Nancy and I had a wondeful time with you and your gals on Saturday morning. We both can't stop raving about the experience. I don't think I purchased enough of either skein when we were there, so here's another order. We had lunch at the Lobster Tail (a real value) and visited the location of my old family camp on Horne Road. All in all, a great day. We'll be back. Thanks!


Carol - California

I'm so excited about the selection you have! Great site, and thanks for the quick response to an earlier question.

Marin - Colorado

You guys are one of my favourite places on the whole Internet. Thanks for your great selection and OUTSTANDING service.

Patricia - Arizona

Was happy to find your site after I googled "wool winders" Only wish I could personally visit your store.


PS Your free shipping was a great plus, thank you!

Suzanne - California

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! for not forcing me to use PayPal!!! I don't like them at all (long story), but some vendors won't give their customers a choice....Again: thank you!