Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jane - New York

I want to thank you for the speedy handling of my order for just one skein of yarn, be it an important skein. My aunt, who just turned 101 years old, had asked me to find some yarn of a particular color for her a year ago. Through a local (Chicago area) yarn shop we were able to find a color close to what she wanted and six weeks later she had the yarn. Although arthritic fingers slow down her knitting, she reported that she loved working with the color. Until a month ago when she realized she didn't have enough to finish the last sleeve and she emailed me with her SOS. I believed my local source would not be interested in ordering one skein or taking the time even to find out if it was available. After Googling the yarn name and number I tried the first source and after accepting the order they informed me the yarn was no longer available. That is when I turned to you. The speedy and efficient handling of this tiny order was so appreciated and my aunt is thrilled. She says it is a perfect match. And I will certainly turn to your company with any future yarn needs. Thanks!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nicole - New Jersey

I am the happy recipient of order XXXXXXXXXXXX. I was so thrilled to discover that you have my favorite discontinued yarn (rowan chunky print in pink) but I have to say I am overwhelmed by how quickly it arrived.

Thank you for your FABULOUS service. I won't hesitate to order from you again the next time I'm online looking for yarn.