Monday, July 2, 2007

Roxy - UK

Whilst hunting for a replacement DPN that DH broke on hol I stumbled across a great find - a site in the US offering free international shipping for orders over $35 that don't contain heavy items like mags and books.

I was hunting for a supplier that had all the Crystal Bamboo DPNs I needed that didn't charge extortionate shipping costs. So to find one that had a free shipping offer was truly amazing. I placed my order and got an email a few hours later to say the items in stock had been shipped the the OOS items would be shipped as soon as they arrive.

I knew not all the items were available but had expected the order to be held until ready. So to hear part of my order was on its way was just well, the most amazing and unexpected customer service. The fab store concerned is The Yarn and Fiber Company and they have lots of lovely goodies to tempt us with. The needles arrived the same day as the STR kit turned up. Oh it was such a good day that day ;)

[we now have free shipping on most orders over $10 internationally - ed]

Liz - Cambridge UK

I placed an order with you last Thursday, 28 June, for a replacement for a Penny Straker sweater pattern. I received it this morning at my address in Cambridge, England (Monday, 2 July). I cannot believe how terrific your service has been, nor the exceptional value for money.

The only problem I have with your service is that it was too fast! I was counting on a week's float to finish the sweater I started for myself while I waited for the replacement pattern to I have to deal with the guilt of not switching immediately back to the Penny Straker pattern!

I will certainly use your service again.